Students Kick-Off Tour Meetings with Patrick Williams and Tim Wyant

Our Citizenship Tour students began their first day of conversations yesterday, speaking with SEA Executive Director Tim Wyant and SquashDrive Executive Director Patrick Williams. Our group left these talks inspired by the stories of these leaders and their commitments to strengthening the SEA network and bettering their communities.

“I feel inspired and grateful to see how Tim and Pat are both making big differences to bring equal opportunities to our community and people of color.” – Ku, Capitol Squash.

Patrick Williams is an alumnus of SquashBusters and the first graduate of an SEA program to become an executive director in the network. A first-generation graduate of Bates College, Patrick spent his career working in youth development before joining SquashDrive as ED in 2020.

Patrick spoke about how SquashBusters introduced him to community service, exposed him to kids of different races and zip codes, and taught him that “Character defines the kind of person that you are or will be.” His words of wisdom for the Tour students? “Your voice is really powerful. It’s only not powerful when you don’t use it.”

“I feel very motivated and a lot more comfortable to ask questions and in the squash community in general. When we spoke to Pat, I noticed how relatable his background is to mine. His process and experience of joining squash is practically identical to my discovery of squash and how I got involved.” – Caiynin, Squash Haven

Tim Wyant co-founded SEA in 2005 and became Executive Director in 2012. Previously, Tim was the founding executive director of CitySquash, the country’s fourth squash and education program, which operates in the Bronx and Brooklyn.


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