Sunday, July 14 – Museums and New Friends

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Student Takeover! See what Keon Rosado, SquashWise Class of 2020, has to say about our morning:

“Today our group went on an adventure to the National Museum of African American history and culture. Prior to the Citizenship Tour, I attended the museum about 3 times. However, every time I attend, I’m blown away. Every time I go, I see an exhibit I haven’t seen before. I learn new hardships pertaining to what Black people had and currently still endure within the society of America.

After visiting the museum, we were given the chance to first take a marvelous group photo in front of the museum. Looking upon the exterior of the museum, it resembled a crown. To me, the resemblance of the crown symbolizes the pulse of what it means to be Black in America. After taking the group photo, we had the opportunity to split up in groups to tour various Smithsonian Museum.”

After a quick prep meeting and a break back at the hotel, we were lucky enough to be invited to the home of former Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, Alejandro and Tanya Mayorkas. We enjoyed delicious food and Georgetown Cupcakes, in addition to some amazing stories and conversation with both Alejandro and Tanya. We were truly blown away by their generosity.

Daniel Islam, SquashSmarts class of 2020, shared the following: “Going to the Mayorkas’s was like being right at home. They were welcoming, there was no pressure, and they made a comfortable atmosphere for us to ask questions.”

Lexa Lara, Access Youth Academy class of 2021, shared, “I really like them as people; they were so nice and inviting. They’re just good people and I felt so comfortable in their place.”

Tour Counselor and CitySquash Alum Stacy Maceda added, “Mr. Mayorkas is a really good story teller” and everybody chimed in to agree.

We ended the day filled with energy and gratitude for their kindness.

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