Saturday, July 13 – SEA Heads to DC

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Today was mostly a day of travel, as we embarked on our trip to Washington, D.C.! We ate lunch on the road and arrived to our hotel around 4:30. Once we were settled, we went on a walking tour of the National Mall monuments, including the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and reflecting pool. We enjoyed our student meeting at the Lincoln Memorial where we had an opportunity to reflect on the day and the trip so far. Please enjoy the reflections from two of our students who volunteered to share below:

Jocelyn, Squash Haven class of 2019: “The first meeting that comes to mind [as one that stands out the most] was the one where we we met Audrey Strauss and Tom McKay. I’m very interested and passionate about law and being able to meet them and learn about their accomplishments gave me insight into who I can become and what I can do.”

“This trip has encouraged me to be enlightened and empowered. Meeting people with successful careers, hearing about their accomplishments, and getting them to ask thoughtful questions has let me see that change is tangible.”

“The people around me are curious, intellectual and full of inner potential whether they realize it or not. They are a passionate group which encompasses different leaders who lead in their own way.”

Elizangi, SquashBusters class of 2020, shares the following about the trip so far: “The NBC tour was so cool. I never really thought about the film/TV industry in that manner, but after that tour, it seems like something that would be up my alley.”

“Today I feel overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. We’ve been meeting with very important people and I thought that I would feel nervous around them, but hearing some of their stories made me remember that they had to get a start somewhere. They were/are normal people just like us”

“[I am surrounded by] a bunch of teens who’ve realized they have a voice and through this, we’re able to use it and tell people who are in power what we think needs to be done/get done and get them to understand that we are important too and our opinions matter.”

Be sure to check out SEA’s Instagram @squashandeducation to see our video reflections as well!

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