The Tour meets Judges, a Governor, and Congressional Reporters in Nation’s Capital

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In our first full day in Washington, DC we had 3 engaging meetings with leaders in journalism, law, and the judicial system.

We started our day with a panel with congressional reporters Ali Rogin of ABC News, Kristina Peterson of the Wall Street Journal and Lisa Desjardins of PBS News Hour.

Our next stop was the law offices of King and Spalding, where we spent an hour with former Maryland Governor Bob Ehrlich.

We then traveled to the U.S. Federal Courts of D.C. for a special joint meeting with Judge Sri Srinivasan and Judge Ketanji Jackson. We may have some future judges in the Tour 2017 group!

After a busy day of meetings, we landed at the squash courts of George Washington University to let loose.

So excited for our 4 meetings with U.S. Senators tomorrow!

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