Tour Day 2: Inspiring sessions at City Hall and with NY Times Reporters


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Our second day in New York kicked off at City Hall with the Commissioner of Immigrant Affairs Nisha Agarwal. We learned about her achievements in immigration reform and discussed the valuable initiatives of the NYC Immigrant Affairs office.

We then caught up with 3 New York Times reporters to hear a first-hand perspective on the role of journalism in our country. Rachel Abrams, Nicolas St. Fleur and Vivian Lee shared insight on their career, the importance of a free press, and their favorite stories that they’ve worked on.

We wrapped up our day at StreetSquash for another fun squash session. After a court workout, NUSEA Executive Director Tim Wyant and LIFT legal director Monroe Solomon met our group for another engaging discussion on ways to make a difference in our communities and beyond.

Can’t wait to see what our last day in NYC brings!

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