Student Reflection: Kevin Le

Kevin Le of the Access Youth Academy program in San Diego had lots to share about our meeting today with Secretary of Education Arne Duncan. Read about Wesleyan-bouIMG_8763nd Kevin’s thoughts on our discussion with the Secretary below!


U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s meeting with our group taught me a lot about the role of education in our society. From school food to equal access to quality education, our meeting gave me a lot to think about education’s role in our society today.

Growing up, I went to a charter school known as the Preuss School UCSD. Having this opportunity to be a student at the Preuss School allowed me to enroll into college because of its small population and college bound system where the students have easy access to a single college counselor. My other friends in other public schools barely got the chance to meet their counselor due to the insanely large amount of people in their class.

I realize that I have been blessed with the opportunity to go to the Preuss School. My position right now has been all due to a lottery pick, which is what charter schools use in order to select their students. This resonates with me because I know that it is really difficult to enroll in these types of schools because of their highly selective system and process. This fact makes me more motivated to become engaged in our society and try to help fight for education for all. I am very grateful for having an education at Preuss and this compels me to work harder at Wesleyan next fall so that the work I’ve done at Preuss will have paid off and to show the school what they worked for.

Duncan’s meeting made me feel more inspired to work hard to make sure hat everyone gains the education they deserve in the future. Nobody’s education should be determined by a lottery pick.

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