Student Reflection — Yamiles Urena

SquashBusters Alum and incoming MCLA freshman Yamiles Urena reflects on meeting Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Governor Michael Dukakis

To be completely honest, I don’t know much about politics and how exactly it works. But what I do know is that there is a lot of controversy and criticism around it. Meeting and listening to both the former and past Governors of my state, Massachusetts, Mr. Deval Patrick and Michael Dukakis, was an honor and a great experience.

I learned from him the importance of not just being a citizen, but an active one who is willing to make a difference and change the world in some way, shape or form. I don’t think I would want to really get into anything with politics (becoming anything) or public policy but I would love to serve to the public in my community in a different way: as a teacher. I strive to change the way education is being functioned and given out in these days in such a way that it is more effective in the lives of kids that pushes them to be the best of people they have the potential to be. This is important to me because as a high school graduate getting ready to embark on a new journey in college, I reflect back on my teachers in high school and realize that they lacked having much, if any, influence on my life and the decisions I made while there. I want to be that teacher that has that one former student that comes back to visit and tells me how I have impacted their lives in such a way they are so grateful for. It may be a long shot, but from what I learned today from both Governor Patrick and Dukakis, I cannot hinder myself from achieving what I want to in life, especially if it is something I love doing. I believe I can make a difference. I can change the world. Anyone can.

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