Welcome to Boston!

Students have traveled from across the country to join us for the first NUSEA Citizenship Tour. They have come from as close as down the street at the SquashBusters building in Boston to as far as San Diego. We spent the beginning of our first day getting to know each other, playing a little squash, and doing some fun team building activities.


Next stop – Harvard University for dinner with Greg Zaff, the CEO and Founder of SquashBusters. We enjoyed a pasta and salad dinner full of great conversation and lots of laughs! Greg shared the story of how he began the urban squash movement with a lot of passion and help from his diverse network. He urged everyone to use the Tour to explore their own passions and begin making networks of their own.

We then turned to a local favorite – ice cream at JP Licks and some down time on the Harvard Yard!


Finally, we ended the night by taking some time to prepare for our big day with the Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick and former Governor of Massachusetts Michael Dukakis. The students came up with some insightful questions about their careers, future plans, and more.


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