1st Annual Urban Squash Citizenship Tour

What does it mean to be an engaged citizen? What are the different ways that each of us can make a difference in our respective communities? The Urban Squash Citizenship Tour will give 22 civically minded and academically-accomplished high school and college students from across the country the opportunity to explore these questions during a 9-day trip that will begin in Boston and end in Washington, DC. Stops will include New Haven, Greenwich, CT, New York City, and Philadelphia.

During the trip students will spend time with leaders in government, journalism, education and the nonprofit community; visit sites that have played a role in American history; volunteer with local urban squash programs; exercise and practice at university and urban squash facilities; and promote NUSEA’s local member programs and urban squash generally. Notable meetings on the tour include Governor of Massachusetts Deval Patrick, UN Ambassador Samantha Power, Representative John Lewis of Georgia, and Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York.


For more information on NUSEA visit http://www.nationalurbansquash.org/

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